Feather River Wildlife Area

Yuba/Sutter Counties / Public Locations

Feather River Wildlife Area includes roughly 2,800 acres of dense riparian landscape of valley oaks and cottonwoods, with an understory of wild grape, pipevine and California rose. Approximately 20 miles south of Yuba City, the area’s habitat supports a wide variety of wildlife including coyotes, river otters, ash-throated flycatchers, warblers, phoebes, and numerous waterfowl species. Abbott and O’Connor Lakes are within this region as well. The Feather River Wildlife Area includes six units: Abbot Lake, O’Connor Lakes, Star Bend, Nelson Slough, Lake of the Woods, and Shanghai Bend. Classified as a Type C Wildlife Area, game species include deer, rabbit, tree squirrel, waterfowl, wild turkey, pheasant, quail, and dove.