Museum of the Forgotten Warriors


Museum of the Forgotten Warriors was founded by Dann Spear who —at the age of ten —started collecting military memorabilia, patches, and photos from his friends to whom he wrote while they served in the Vietnam War. In 1965, he had a dream of someday having a museum to honor veterans. Twenty years later, the dream became a reality when the Museum of Forgotten Warriors opened outside of Marysville, near the Beale Air Force Base. With over 46,000 artifacts on display, the items range from tanks, cannons, and helicopters, to the oldest: a remnant of a blanket from Colonel Galbraith's great-grandfather who had the blanket when he was captured by the British in the Revolutionary War. The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is open every Saturday 10am to 3pm, and admission is free.


Museum of the Forgotten Warriors
5865 A Rd.
Marysville, CA 95901