Spenceville Wildlife Area

Yuba County / Public Locations

Spenceville Wildlife Area is comprised of approximately 11,900 acres of blue oak - gray pine woodland characteristic of the Sierra Foothills. The elevation of the area varies from 200 to 1200 feet. The wildlife area is bordered on the west by Beale Air Force Base and on the north, south, and east by privately owned ranches. There are numerous ponds, creeks, trails and riparian zones in the area.

Type C Wildlife Area.

  • Wild Turkey - Found throughout the wildlife area. A special permit (Special Hunts Online Registration System) is required during the first nine days of spring turkey season, which begins the last Saturday in March.
  • Bobwhite (leftover after dog field trials) - Usually found in the open areas. Bobwhite are considered quail and may be hunted during the local California quail season.
  • Deer - Good resident deer population. Zone D-3.
  • Mourning Dove - Good nesting population; hunting best along the perennial stream and ponds and surrounding food plots throughout the area.
  • Tree Squirrels, Rabbits, Coyotes, and Ground Squirrels - Scattered throughout the area.
  • Valley Quail - Found near water and blackberries.
  • Waterfowl - Jump shoot the ponds for mallards and wood ducks.
  • Wild Pig - On rare occasions they enter the area from the south.