Sutter’s Hock Farm

Yuba City

Historic Marker #346
Plaque located on State Hwy 99 at Messick Rd, site at 5320 Garden Hwy at intersection of Messick Rd, 6.7 mi south of Yuba City

John Sutter, an immigrant from Switzerland, took Mexican citizenship to receive a large land grant in the northern Sacramento Valley in 1841. After establishing what is known today as Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento, Sutter established a second home along the banks of the Feather River. Hock Farm was named after the Hocks, a village of Maidu, and it became the site of the state’s first organized agricultural endeavor. Sutter fled to Hock Farm after losing control of Sutter’s Fort during the Gold Rush. It was his last home in California. On June 21, 1865, a vagrant ex-soldier who had been staying at the Hock Farm burned it to the ground. Defeated in California, Sutter moved East in a futile attempt to convince the United States government to restore the lands taken from him when the U.S. canceled all land grants under the previous Mexican government.


Sutter’s Hock Farm
5398 Messick Rd.
Yuba City, CA 95991