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A Sportsman’s Guide to Fishing in Yuba Sutter

by Leah Champagne

Summer is the perfect time to grab a rod and reel and head out to the water! Whether you like fishing from the banks of a relaxing river or spending the day on the open water, Yuba Sutter has your perfect fishing spot. You can choose your location based on the fish you want to catch, the nearby lodging, or how family friendly you need your trip to be.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about fishing in Yuba Sutter — from species and fishing holes to rules and regulations. With this knowledge in mind, you can make your next fishing weekend the best one yet.

What to fish in Yuba Sutter?

The most common fish in Yuba Sutter are bass and trout. Each comes in a number of varieties, and the specific species you’ll find on your line depends on where you’re fishing.

A few good spots for bass fishing include Lake Oroville, Loafer Creek and the Sutter By-Pass. If you’re looking for trout, you’ll have the best chances at spots like the Yuba River, Collins Lake or Bullard’s Bar. For sportsmen looking to strut their stuff, there are a number of fishing clubs in the area and an annual youth fishing derby for kids interested in the sport.

If you’re new to fishing and want to make sure your hook is getting some bites, the experts recommend focusing on fishing for bass. Bass aren’t as line shy as trout can be and are much less sensitive to the type of bait and hook you use. This makes it easier to get them on your line and reel them in! 

Best places to fish

Littered with lakes, rivers and reservoirs, Yuba Sutter has no shortage of places to fish. Last year we highlighted the three most popular spots, but those aren’t your only options. There’s also:

Lake Oroville (which is actually a reservoir) is an excellent place to spend the weekend with your family. You can rent a cabin or camp in your tent or RV and fishing is open year-round with a sport fishing license. 

Loafer’s Creek is an offshoot of Lake Oroville and includes two campgrounds, a recreation area and a boat launch.

Ellis Lake is Marysville’s best fishing getaway spot for the whole family. You can fish the waters with your fishing license and observe a variety of birds who call it home or just pass through during their migration. There are also annual events like the Fourth of July Cardboard Boat Race and the Youth Fishing Derby in September.  

Rules and Regulations

As in any state, California has strict rules and regulations regarding both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Although Yuba Sutter isn’t host to any big game fish, you still need to be aware of the laws in place to ensure your safety and the preservation of aquatic habitats.

To fish anywhere in California, you need to have a valid state fishing license. Both residents and non-residents can purchase a fishing license, but the fees will differ. Below are prices for different types of fishing licenses as of 2022:

Annual license for residents: $54.00
Annual license for non-residents: $145.80
One-day license (resident and non): $17.85
Two-day license (resident and non): $27.00
10-day license (resident and non): $54.00
Lifetime license Varies by age

You can purchase a license online, with licensed agents or at any California Department of Fish Wildlife Sales Office. To find a list of licensed retailers, visit the CDFW website.

To learn more about open season dates, catch limits and other rules applicable to the Yuba Sutter area, you can view the Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations.

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