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Shop & Eat Local this September

by Abbey Anderson

In a world where big-box stores, online shopping, and fast food chains dominate, hidden gems and local boutiques offer a refreshing shopping experience. Many local businesses offer unique wares to peruse during your relaxing vacation to the Yuba-Sutter Area. Downtown Marysville and Plumas Street in Yuba City are two places to go where you can explore the cozy corners and find things you will have to take home with you. 

Downtown Marysville

Historic D Street in Marysville has a warm and small-town atmosphere and historic locations! Visit the area to fall back in time with antiques while exploring landmark locations. 


Downtown Marysville is the perfect spot to find antique items for your home and to visit many other unique local shops! Step into a treasure trove of history, where each item tells a story of the past. With many local shops on D Street in Marysville, there are treasures to discover that you won’t find at Walmart or on Amazon.

Honey Barn Decor Boutique

From rustic farmhouse pieces that exude warmth to modern accents that add a touch of elegance, Honey Barn Decor Boutique offers a diverse range of options to suit every aesthetic. They have many knick-knacks, clothes, and candles to take home with you and make your house a little more special. Candle lovers can join its candle club, where once a month, you will receive one eight-ounce candle featuring a new scent, $5 in Barn Bucks, and discounts on additional candle purchases!

Fabulous Finds

From the moment you cross through the doors at Fabulous Finds, you'll be captivated by the array of treasures that await. Whether you're on the hunt for unique clothing, charming home décor, one-of-a-kind accessories, or refurbished furniture pieces, Fabulous Finds offers a curated selection that easily blends rustic and modern styles into fabulous pieces. 

Sissy’s Attic

Sissy’s Attic is another must-see spot in Downtown Marysville. As you enter this eclectic emporium, you'll be transported to a world of vintage wonders and unique finds. The warm and cozy atmosphere invites you to explore every nook and cranny, of which there are a lot, where each corner reveals a new surprise waiting to be discovered. For those seeking to include a touch of nostalgia and a dash of whimsy into their trip, Sissy's Attic in Marysville is the perfect destination to let your imagination roam free and uncover treasures with secrets of eras past. 

Cotton’s Cowboy Corral

Cotton’s Cowboy Corral is a must-visit for those looking to experience the Old West. Not only does the store have anything you might need concerning Western wear, but it is also the oldest Western outfitter in Northern California. Marysville’s own Cotton Rosser, the King of Cowboys, owned this unique spot. Rosser has been recognized in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame for his many achievements, including winning many championships.  Rosser’s career highlight was winning the all-around title at the 1951 Grand National Rodeo in San Francisco. His home base was in Marysville; you can see his legacy live on in Cotton’s Cowboy Corral. 


Brick House Coffee 

While walking the shops on D Street, don’t forget to stop and get your caffeine fix or bite to eat at Brick House Coffee. With its cozy ambiance and adorable patio, Brick House is the perfect place to take a break and rest for a little bit while enjoying a delicious cortado, wrap, or sammie. They also have delicious breakfast items such as divine biscuits and gravy or breakfast flatbread. Yum! 

Silver Dollar Saloon

Want a taste of the Wild West? Then, stop by the Silver Dollar Saloon in Downtown Marysville. This classic steakhouse and historic bar offers delicious options like prime rib and burgers while having live music on select nights. This is the perfect place to end your day after exploring the local boutiques. 

Plumas Street in Yuba City

The Downtown Yuba City area has many local shop options and food spots. Stroll along the street and stop at all the ones that interest you! 


Creative Interiors

Creative Interiors is the place to find rustic and cozy decor for your house! When trying to find that decor to make your house or apartment feel like a home, chances are this adorable store will have what you are looking for. They also have a section dedicated to babies, so if you are traveling with a little one or having an upcoming baby shower,  stop in and pick up a stuffed animal, book, or new outfit for them. 

Cowgirl Boutique

Cowgirl Boutique is the place to go for clothes that effortlessly mix Western wear with modern styles. Each clothing item and accessory tells a story of rugged charm and individuality. From classic cowboy boots that exude authenticity to handpicked clothing that blends Western flair with modern trends, Cowgirl Boutique is a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking something truly unique. Whether you're a cowgirl at heart or simply looking to add a touch of rustic spin to your wardrobe, this boutique offers a selection that captures the spirit of the West. 

Treasures and More

Whether you are looking for quirky collectibles or distinctive home décor, Treasures and More offers a diverse selection that caters to all tastes and preferences. This antique store is perfect for those passionate about uncovering one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their individuality. Treasures and More is the ultimate destination to bring a touch of uniqueness to your life.


Plumas Street and the surrounding areas offer tons of culinary delights, from fine dining to spots to stop in and grab a sweet treat. 

City Cafe

City Cafe on Plumas Street is perfect for a fine dining experience. From the first bite to the last, you'll be captivated by the harmonious blend of flavors from locally sourced ingredients and the meticulous attention to detail that defines every plate. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine dining or simply seeking a memorable meal, City Cafe promises an exceptional experience tailored to your desires. 

Fernando’s Cali Kitchen

At Fernando's, the fusion of flavors and the artistry of their chefs come together to create a truly unforgettable dining experience. Whether seeking a romantic dinner for two or a lively celebration with family and friends, Fernando's offers a setting that caters to every occasion. Stop in for lunch or dinner at this mouth-watering Mexican establishment.

Cupcake Magic

Is your sweet tooth craving something? Stop in at Cupcake Magic to blow it away. They offer delicious cupcakes, cake pops, and ice cream sandwiches – perfect grab-and-go treats on a lazy day walking the shops in Downtown Yuba City. 

So whether you’re a connoisseur of antiques, shopping for a unique baby gift, or looking to rock some new threads of the rodeo, the charming downtowns of these two areas will have you covered. After a full day of shopping, you have culinary havens and artisanal cafes to satisfy your appetite and soul. So come and experience what so many have already discovered about the Yuba-Sutter region and embark on a voyage through time and style, showcasing how these local spots transform shopping from a chore into a cherished adventure!

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