YSLA Request For Funding

Application Request for YSLA Funding


The Yuba Sutter Lodging Association (YSLA) is not a marketing entity but is rather a funding conduit for the development and implementation of effective marketing programs and services that benefit the assessed lodging businesses within Yuba and Sutter counties. The YSLA is responsible for the allocation and distribution of the available revenue and will contract with various qualified third-party vendors to supply marketing programs and services as required and approved by the YSLA.

The YSLA will contract for marketing programs and services to promote Yuba and Sutter Counties as a tourism destination and to fund projects, programs, and activities that specifically benefit the assessed hotels within the boundaries of the district by driving room-night consumption in the district.

General Guidelines

a. Marketing programs and services will be broadly defined by the YSLA to remain current with changing consumer demands, tourism products, and marketing and communication technologies.

b. Marketing programs and services will take many traditional and/or innovative forms based upon the target market, proposed strategy and tactics for implementation. Therefore, marketing programs and services could include, but not be limited to:

  1. Advertising
  2. Marketing promotion
  3. Direct sales
  4. Press and/or public relations
  5. New product development
  6. Prospective marketing
  7. Visitor services
  8. Market research
  9. Marketing & web strategies
  10. Partnership marketing
  11. Special events/promotion

c. Marketing programs and services will seek to benefit all assessed hotels/lodging businesses within Yuba and Sutter Counties through a diverse mix of projects, programs and activities. It is recognized that all marketing programs and services will have multi-level benefits to the hotels/lodging businesses within the District. Primary benefits will be realized directly by hotels/lodging businesses in the target market area or market segment served by a particular contract program or service. Secondary benefits will be realized by all assessed hotels in the District through the successful implementation of marketing programs and services that increase hotel/lodging property occupancies, reduce available room inventory and create compression within the marketplace.

d. Each applicant for bid assistance funding will be required to submit an “Application Request for YSLA Funding” that will require significant information about the applying organization or entity, as well as a specific proposal for how the requested funds will be spent, the expected result, and the proposed method for measuring results.

Applicants agree to abide by the YSLA REQUEST FOR FUNDING REQUIREMENTS


If you have any questions regarding the Yuba Sutter Lodging Association funding eligibility or policy, please contact the YSLA Tourism Coordinator, Abbey Anderson, at (530)900-3158, or info@visityubasutter.com.

Request For Funding Application Form

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